The Steering Committee

The function of the Steering Committee is to define strategies for the governance, scientific programming and funding of CIRCA. It is accountable to the Vice-Rector for Research and responds to the Council of Deans for its management.

  • Arlette Kolta, Director
  • Isabelle Archambault, co-director
  • Langis Michaud, representative of the deans
  • Hélène Girouard, researchers' representative
  • Francis Beaudry, researchers' representative
  • Florence Valade, student representative
  • Karine Minville, Coordinator

The Scientific Committee (SC)

The main function of the SC is to develop and implement the scientific program, as well as to plan, promote and promote the Centre's research, training and knowledge dissemination activities. It is a place for the exchange of information, coordination and operationalization of CIRCA's scientific programming with its main partners.

  • Arlette Kolta, Director
  • Isabelle Archambault, co-director
  • Richard Robitaille, axis manager
  • Karim Jerbi, axis manager
  • Numa Dancause, CIRCA researcher, health sciences
  • Annie Bernier, CIRCA researcher, social sciences
  • To be determined, clinics representative
  • Dominic Falardeau, representative of the student committee (health sciences)
  • Valérie Mongrain, researcher from outside CIRCA
  • Karine Minville, Coordinator

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

The mandate of the Student Affairs Committee is to ensure the integration of students into the CIRCA, the evaluation of training activities offered by the Centre and the support of student initiatives for dissemination and popularization.

  • Dominic Falardeau, MSc FM student president, Department of Neuroscience
  • Florence Valade, PhD FAS student, Department of Psychology
  • Nesrine Harroum, PhD FM student, School of Kinesiology and Physical Activity
  • Laurence Grenier, MSc FAS student, Department of Psychology
  • Aliénor Delsart, PhD student, Veterinary FM
  • Sandrine Armanville, MSc student, FM Department of Pharmacy
  • Ali Falaki, PhD student, FM Department of Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Richard Robitaille, FM researcher, Department of Neuroscience and Social Sciences researcher
  • Karine Minville, Coordinator

The Communications, Knowledge Development and Dissemination Committee (CKDAC)

The mandate of the CKDAC is to develop and manage the various platforms of the CIRCA such as website, newsletter, blog, video clips, YouTube channel, social media, etc. The Committee writes and/or revises the content disseminated on these different media. In collaboration with the other members of the Executive Committee, the Committee also promotes CIRCA's research to the public, partners and government authorities.

  • Researcher axis 1- to be determined
  • Researcher axis 2- to be determined
  • Researcher axis 3- to be determined
  • Researcher axis 4- to be determined
  • Student representative - to be determined
  • Karine Minville, Coordinator

The Council of Faculty Deans (CFD)

The function of the CFD is to provide advice, formulate opinions and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the orientations and progress of the Centre. The Council of Deans is advisory.

  • Lyne Lalonde, Faculty of Pharmacy, Chairwoman.
  • Patrick Cossette, Faculty of Medicine
  • Frédéric Bouchard, FAS
  • Shahrokh Esfandiari, Faculty of Dentistry
  • Langis Michaud, School of Optometry
  • Christine Théoret, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • Pascale Lefrançois, Faculty of Education

The Advisory Committee (AC)

- to be determined

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