This program was created to provide financial support to students and postdoctoral fellows of CIRCA who wish to undertake research of an interdisciplinary nature in the field of brain and learning sciences. One of the objectives of this program is to foster the training of students and highly qualified personnel by enabling them to develop the integrative and interdisciplinary approach necessary to address the challenges targeted by the Centre. The proposed training program will not only allow students to develop new study models and experimental approaches, but also to acquire cross-disciplinary skills.  

2023 Awardees

Hamza Abdelhedi (MSc)
Project title: Combiner la magnétoencéphalographie et les réseaux neuronaux convolutionnels pour étudier les mécanismes artificiels et biologiques de la reconnaissance faciale.
Director: Karim Jerbi
Co-director: Shahab Bakhtiari

Guillaume Blais (MSc)
Project title: La consolidation de l’accord grammatical : Une étude de potentiels évoqués chez les adolescents québécois.
Director: Phaedra Royle
Co-director: Simone Falk

Audrey Lamy-Proulx (MSc)
Project title: La reconstruction des images mentales grâce à Bubbles et à l’électroencéphalographie.
Director: Ian Charest
Co-director: Frédéric Gosselin

Cesar Augusto Canaveral (PhD)
Project title: L'étude de la prise de décision durant l'action.
Director: Paul Cisek
Co-director: Andrea Green

Marie-Pier Côté (PhD)
Project title: Modélisation des trajectoires développementales des fonctions exécutives et anatomie cérébrale : de l’enfance à l’adolescence.
Director: Annie Bernier
Co-director: Véronique Daneault

Soraya Paquereau-Gaboreau (PhD)
Project title: Développement de l'optophysiologie Raman pour l'étude de la neurotransmission.
Director: Louis-Éric Trudeau
Co-director: Jean-François Masson

Florence Renaud (PhD)
Project title: L’interaction avec les pairs des enfants d’âge préscolaire ayant des difficultés motrices.
Director: Marie-Julie Béliveau

Anca Vochin (PhD)
Project title: Évaluation de l'efficacité du neurofeedback pour l'attention dans la réhabilitation de l'aphasie chronique.
Director: Arnaud Saj
Co-director: Simona Brambati

Meriam Zid (PhD)
Project title: Désorganisation des réseaux neuronaux: une perspective dynamique sur l'apprentissage.
Director: Becket Ebitz

Yanis Inglebert (postdoctoral fellow)

Project title: L’impact des astrocytes sur la forme du potentiel d’action et les conséquences pour la plasticité synaptique et intrinsèque.
Director: Arlette Kolta

Milene Rodrigues Malheiros Lima (postdoctoral fellow)
Project title: Role of calcium signaling of brain pericytes to stroke.
Director: Ravi Rungta

2022 Awardees

Zerghona Shafia (MSc)
Project title: Molecular Mechanism and Functional Consequence of Rapid Relaxation in Kv2.2 Channels
Director: Rikard Blunck
Co-director: Sébastien Talbot

Laurianne Zana (MSc)
Project title: Modulation of the hemodynamic response by interneuron activity during brain plasticity
Director: Ravi Rungta
Co-director: Jean-Claude Lacaille

Maxime Bleau (PhD)
Project title: Neural correlates of orientation and spatial learning in the absence of vision
Director: Maurice Ptito
Co-director: Joe Nemargut

Maryam Hojjat Jodaylami (PhD)
Project title: LSPR nanobiosensors: A new path to plasmonic optophysiology
Director: Jean-François Masson
Co-director: Arlette Kolta

Hugo Laflamme (PhD)
Project title: Serious rhythm games: Exploiting new mobile technologies to understand the mechanisms of rhythmic abilities
Director: Simone Dalla Bella
Co-director: Simon Rigoulot

Anne-Sophie Laurin (PhD)
Project title: Changes in visuospatial skills in adults with mild cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's disease: a longitudinal study
Director: Aarlenne Khan
Co-director: Frédéric Gosselin

Bérangère Villatte (PhD)
Project title: Cardiac reactivity to stress in people with acute and chronic tinnitus
Director: Sylvie Hébert

Bhat Shreyas (postdoctoral fellow)

Project title: Visualizing Kv4 channel activity in neurons during learning
Director: Rikard Blunck
Co-director: Sébastien Talbot

Benjamin Le Gac (postdoctoral fellow)
Project title: Study of the role of astrocytic nitric oxide in neurovascular coupling in response to cholinergic stimulations
Director: Hélène Girouard
Co-director: Jean Provost

2021 Awardees

Samuel Mérineau (PhD)
Project title: Learning who I am in a new world : understanding the dynamic processes of the Bayesian model of identity integration
Director: Roxanne de la Sablonnière
Co-director: Sébastien Hétu

Layale Youssef (PhD)
Project title: The promotion of motor learning and neuroplasticity with acute physical exercise: is the benefit worth the pain?
Director: Jason Neva
Co-director: Benjamin Pageaux

Agnès Zagala (PhD)
Project title: Individual differences in synchronized walking with a rhythmic auditory stimulus: At the interface of the motor system, rhythm processing, and cognition
Director: Simone Dalla Bella
Co-director: Fabien Dal Maso

Annie Desmarais (postdoctoral fellow)
Project title: Combining neuropsychology and psychoeducation to promote the development of cognitive self-regulation in school-aged children
Director: Bruno Gauthier
Co-director: Isabelle Archambault

Karine Roversi (postdoctoral fellow)
Project title: Silencing sensory neurons to resolve SARS-CoV-2 inflammation
Director: Sébastien Talbot
Co-director: May Griffith

2020 Awardees

Jeff Ferreri (MSc)
Project title: Effect of cholinergic stimulation and perceptual learning on vision recovery in hemianopic subjects
Director: Arnaud Saj
Co-director: Elvire Vaucher

François-Olivier Gratton (MSc)
Project title: Development of optophysiology and Raman tomography for molecular measurements in the brain
Director: Jean-François Masson
Co-director: Louis-Éric Trudeau

Fatemeh Mardani (MSc)
Titre du projet: Study the immunomodulatory impact of neuron-derived peptides on the use of mesenchymal stem cells
Director: Sébastien Talbot
Co-director: Moutih Rafei

Ismaël Djerourou (PhD)
Project title: Development of optogenetics and the use of cortical maps for the design of cortical neuroprostheses to restore vision
Director: Matthieu Vanni
Co-director: Maurice Ptito

Pénélope Pelland-Goulet (PhD)
Project title: ADHD, neuropsychological profiling and school functioning during a pandemic
Director: Nathalie Gosselin
Co-director: Martin Arguin

Solenn Tissier (PhD)
Project title: Characterization of the functional reorganization of visual functions following brain lesions in the primary visual cortex and superior areas in mice
Director: Matthieu Vanni
Co-director: Christian Casanova

Katiane Roversi (postdoctoral fellow)
Project title: Nanophotonic-silencing of nociceptor neurons
Director: Sébastien Talbot
Co-director: Christos Boutopoulos

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