Year 2020-2021


Awardees | 

  • Roxane de la Sablonnière
    Project title : Learning who I am in a new world: understanding the dynamic processes of the Bayesian model of identity integration
    Collaborators : Sébastien Hétu, Jean-Marc Lina
  • Nathalie Gosselin
    Project title : Effect of personalized musicalintervention on anxiety, pain and patient’s satisfaction: apilot randomizedclinical study onimplant surgery
    Collaborators : Pierre Rainville, Elham Emami, Robert Durand, René Voyer, Ryma Kabir, Stéphane Guétin, Claude Frasson, Etienne Saint-Amand
  • Elvire Vaucher
    Project title : Effect of cholinergic stimulation and perceptual learning on vision recovery in hemianopic subjects
    Collaborators : Mathieu Carignan, Jeff Ferreri, Karim Jegouic, Franco Lepore, Frédérique Poncet, Pedro Rosa Neto, Arnaud Saj, Philippe Vaucher, Agnès Weill-Chounlamountry, Walter Wittich
  • Sébastien Talbot
    Project title : Microglia drive Parkinson’s disease-associated painful neuropathy
    Collaborators : Janelle Drouin-Ouellet, Louis-Éric Trudeau

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