Year 2020-2021


Awardees | 

  • Fatemeh Mardani
    Titre du projet : Study the immunomodulatory impact of neuron-derived peptides on the use of mesenchymal stem cells
    Director : Sébastien Talbot
    Co-director : Moutih Rafei
  • Pénélope Pelland-Goulet
    Project title : ADHD, neuropsychological profiling and school functioning during a pandemic
    Director : Nathalie Gosselin
    Co-director : Martin Arguin
  • Katiane Roversi
    Project title : Nanophotonic-silencing of nociceptor neurons
    Director : Sébastien Talbot
    Co-director : Christos Boutopoulos
  • Solenn Tissier
    Project title : Characterization of the functional reorganization of visual functions following brain lesions in the primary visual cortex and superior areas in mice
    Director : Matthieu Vanni
    Co-director : Christian Casanova
  • Jeff Ferreri
    Project title : Effect of cholinergic stimulation and perceptual learning on vision recovery in hemianopic subjects
    Director : Arnaud Saj
    Co-director : Elvire Vaucher
  • François-Olivier Gratton
    Project title : Development of optophysiology and Raman tomography for molecular measurements in the brain
    Director : Jean-François Masson
    Co-director : Louis-Éric Trudeau
  • Ismaël Djerourou
    Project title : Development of optogenetics and the use of cortical maps for the design of cortical neuroprostheses to restore vision
    Director : Matthieu Vanni
    Co-director : Maurice Ptito

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