Year 2021-2022



Awardees | 

  • Layale Youssef
    Project title : The promotion of motor learning and neuroplasticity with acute physical exercise: is the benefit worth the pain?
    Director : Jason Neva
    Co-director : Benjamin Pageaux
  • Agnès Zagala
    Project title : Individual differences in synchronized walking with a rhythmic auditory stimulus: At the interface of the motor system, rhythm processing, and cognition
    Director : Simone Dalla Bella
    Co-diretor : Fabien Dal Maso
  • Samuel Mérineau
    Project title : Learning who I am in a new world : understanding the dynamic processes of the Bayesian model of identity integration
    Director : Roxanne de la Sablonnière
    Co-director : Sébastien Hétu
  • Annie Desmarais
    Project title : Combining neuropsychology and psychoeducation to promote the development of cognitive self-regulation in school-aged children
    Director : Bruno Gauthier
    Co-director : Isabelle Archambault
  • Karine Roversi
    Project title : Silencing sensory neurons to resolve SARS-CoV-2 inflammation
    Director : Sébastien Talbot
    Co-director : May Griffith

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