Year 2022-2023



Awardees | 

  • Clara El Khantour (MSc)
    Project title: Study of the neuro-cognitive processes associated with the perception of laughter: An approach combining magnetoencephalography and machine learning
    Director: Karim Jerbi
  • Zerghona Shafia (MSc)
    Project title: Molecular Mechanism and Functional Consequence of Rapid Relaxation in Kv2.2 Channels
    Director: Rikard Blunck
    Co-director: Sébastien Talbot
  • Laurianne Zana (MSc)
    Project title: Modulation of the hemodynamic response by interneuron activity during brain plasticity
    Director: Ravi Rungta
    Co-director: Jean-Claude Lacaille


  • Maxime Bleau (PhD)
    Project title: Neural correlates of orientation and spatial learning in the absence of vision
    Director: Maurice Ptito
    Co-director: Joe Nemargut
  • Maryam Hojjat Jodaylami (PhD)
    Project title: LSPR nanobiosensors: A new path to plasmonic optophysiology
    Director: Jean-François Masson
    Co-director: Arlette Kolta
  • Hugo Laflamme (PhD)
    Project title: Serious rhythm games: Exploiting new mobile technologies to understand the mechanisms of rhythmic abilities
    Director: Simone Dalla Bella
    Co-director : Simon Rigoulot
  • Anne-Sophie Laurin (PhD)
    Project title: Changes in visuospatial skills in adults with mild cognitive impairment associated with Alzheimer's disease: a longitudinal study
    Director : Aarlenne Khan
    Co-director : Frédéric Gosselin
  • Bérangère Villatte (PhD)
    Project title: Cardiac reactivity to stress in people with acute and chronic tinnitus
    Director : Sylvie Hébert


  • Bhat Shreyas (PDF)
    Project title: Visualizing Kv4 channel activity in neurons during learning
    Director: Rikard Blunck
    Co-director: Sébastien Talbot
  • Parikshat Sirpal (PDF)
    Project title: Artificial intelligence optimizes local field potential stimulation parameters in a bidirectional brain-machine interface
    Director: Numa Dancause
    Co-director: Guillaume Lajoie
  • Benjamin Le Gac (PDF)
    Project title: Study of the role of astrocytic nitric oxide in neurovascular coupling in response to cholinergic stimulations
    Director : Hélène Girouard
    Co-director : Jean Provost

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