La microcirculation fonctionnelle : rétine, cerveau et approches technologiques

The study of the blood flow-metabolism relationship in the central nervous system is at the center of major issues in:

  • medicine, since many motor or cognitive disorders result from vascular dysfunction;
  • vision health, since many visual deficits are the result of vascular alterations in the retina or the brain
  • learning, since good circulatory health facilitates learning
  • biotechnology, since brain and retinal imaging techniques are based on these relationships.

This symposium aims to bring together specialists from these different disciplines, to allow networking between speakers and students, and to create a dynamic workshop to facilitate the study of the neurovascular triad. The speakers bring together researchers from different career levels. Students and postdocs are invited to participate. An insert to popularize the research presented will be published, if possible.

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