Infrastructures grant


The purpose of this program is to support the establishment or operation of common services or infrastructure to advance the research projects of multiple CIRCA members. This criterion is essential. CIRCA will not fund infrastructure or services that benefit only one member's team.

The service or infrastructure must provide CIRCA researchers with universally accessible resources and/or tools that they would not otherwise have access to. Infrastructure can be common technical platforms, data or biological material banks, or expensive equipment requiring significant maintenance.

A publicity tool (website, flyer, email to members) must exist to inform members of the existence of the service or infrastructure, how it is managed and operated, and what the user fees are if applicable.


  • The application must be submitted by a group of researchers and led by at least one regular CIRCA member.
  • The infrastructure must serve several researchers, including associate members.
  • Access must be open to all CIRCA members who request it.
  • The infrastructure must be sustainable with funding from sources other than CIRCA.
  • Have a clear policy on access, management, services and/or user fees posted on a web page or available on the CIRCA website.
  • Applications that are incomplete or do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.


  • Relevance and strategic nature of the service or infrastructure for CIRCA.
  • Leverage (joint grants, public or private investments, partnership with the biopharmaceutical industry, etc.).
  • Achievements (development of initiatives, influence at the Canadian and/or international level, implementation of new practices or new policies, etc.).
  • Added value for the scientific community.
  • Role in training the next generation of scientists.
  • Degree of networking of members (inter-university, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary) and respect for the principle of inclusion (including openness to young researchers and students).


  • A maximum grant of $35,000 is awarded for one year.
  • It is renewable following the submission and evaluation of a renewal application.
  • Two scientific reports detailing the scientific outcomes and leverage effects must be submitted: one at the end of the current grant, and the other one year after the end of the funding period in order to allow CIRCA to document the impacts of this program. These reports will be used in their entirety for the Center's renewal application.


The application must be submitted as a single PDF document entitled "Researcher's name_InfrastructureSupportCIRCA_2023" including, in the following order:

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