Research/clinics projects networking grant

Deadline: Tuesday, November 7 (23h59)

The purpose of this program is to foster collaborations between CIRCA researchers and clinicians from different disciplines with a common interest in brain science and learning on projects that address clinical needs.

Among other things, this program aims to help develop innovative, cross-sectoral, clinically-oriented research, contribute to training the next generation of clinical researchers, develop collaborations between research laboratories and clinics at the Université de Montréal, and fund innovative projects to provide proof of concept or demonstrate feasibility for broader application to other grant agencies.


  • The application must be clinician-led and include at least one regular CIRCA researcher.
  • The proposed research must be related to the brain and/or learning and address clinical needs.
  • CIRCA funds must be used within the clinics and laboratories of the Université de Montréal.
  • Applications that are late, incomplete or do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be evaluated.


  • The evaluation will be based on criteria of excellence and on the objectives of CIRCA, notably to promote interdisciplinary research. The criteria are indicated at the top of each section of the form.
  • The evaluation will also consider the representativeness and diversity of the team composition or recruitment intentions (women, minorities, etc.). Members are encouraged to work on representativeness in team composition and recruitment. In the interest of fairness, each reviewer will judge all applications received.


  • A maximum grant of $35,000 is awarded for one year.
  • If funds permit, it may be renewable after the first year upon submission and evaluation of a renewal application.


  • Recipients agree to acknowledge CIRCA support in any publication or presentation resulting from the funded research project, to present the results of their research at the annual CIRCA meetings and to respond to follow-up requests from CIRCA.
  • Two scientific reports detailing the scientific impact, the progress of clinical care, and leverage effects will be required: one at the end of this grant, and the other one year after the end of the funding period to allow CIRCA to document the impacts of this program. These reports will be used for the Center's renewal application.

The application must be submitted as a single PDF document entitled "Researcher's Name_ClinicalResearchNetworkCIRCA_2023" including, in the following order:

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