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"Subject Interface" Platform

The Tucker-Davis Technologies "Subject Interface" device is a hybrid system that combines neurostimulation and biological signal recording (such as action potentials, muscle activity, etc.).

Its major feature is its ability to switch between recording and stimulation on the same electrodes in less than a millisecond, opening up innovative possibilities for neuroprosthetic protocols and electrophysiology. It is fully programmable in real-time, allowing adjustments in 5ms increments, and is compatible with all recording systems from the TDT "RZ" series (not included in the platform). It offers both analog and digital recording capabilities, capable of handling up to 256 channels simultaneously, and has four banks for electrical stimulation, with a total capacity of 64 channels. Additionally, the "switching headstage" is an innovation that enables rapid stimulation and recording on the same electrode, representing an advancement compared to previous systems.

The platform consists of the "Subject Interface," 1 x 64-channel analog headstage (primarily for stimulation), 2 x 32-channel digital headstages (for recording), and 1 x 32-channel Switching headstage (for both stimulation and recording).

CIRCA members interested in using this platform are requested to contact to gain access to the usage calendar and equipment reservation form.


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